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Our Executive Team of Culture Creators

Hillary FederHillary Feder        Follow Hillary Feder on LinkedIn
Founder & Visionary
As the ringleader of Hillary’s, Ms. Feder is a lightning rod of cultural change. With a start in the gift industry in 1989, she has more than 23 years of fostering connectedness while providing tangible business results. Hillary’s vision to create a process that would combine creativity with strategy has resulted in the development of initiatives that help her clients shape internal and external relationships to be their best.

Her business practice is driven by a belief that a commitment to clients must be incorporated with a commitment to the business and local community. This is apparent in Hillary's involvement and participation in a range of organizations.

Hillary received a Bachelor of Science degree from Boston University, School of Management. She also has completed the Strategies For Business Vision and Growth Program, John M. Morrison Center for Entrepreneurship, University of St. Thomas. Hillary has earned the designation of Master Advertising Specialist, demonstrating expertise and commitment to her profession.

On a personal level, Hillary is the ocean reincarnated. As the sign of water, Hillary is curious and entrepreneurial at heart. She is an avid reader and chronic idea generator. Outside of work, you can find her in the kitchen baking her famous chocolate chip cookies.

Tami HusnickTami Husnick  Follow Tami Husnick on LinkedIn
Creative Services
You can think of Tami as your conduit for creativity. Tami has the uncanny ability to understand what a client is thinking and develop innovative solutions that deliver a unique and impactful message. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the St. Paul School of Art and Design. As a senior graphic designer, Tami brings a professional attitude without the ego to every project. Besides being a coffee-holic, Tami is an avid gardener and a passionate artist.


Jan LappJan Lapp           Follow Jan Lapp on LinkedIn
Operations Director
Hillary’s would not be what it is today with Jan. Her expertise with numbers has proven invaluable. Along with the ability to expertly manage money comes an entire skill set of logical and strategic thinking. Jan’s previous experience at U.S. Bank in the areas of sponsorship and community relations brings experience that fosters understanding and insight. As a critical member of the client team, Jan brings to every project the highest level of consistency, process and accuracy. She is also a voracious reader, a sports fanatic and a dedicated wife and mother.


Cynthia Johnson
Creates WOW!
Sometimes it’s not what you’re presenting, but rather, how it’s presented. This is where Cynthia comes in.  She is responsible for literally putting the “WOW Factor” into every presentation. Cynthia’s genius lies in her ability to package an idea in innovative and meaningful ways. Sometimes it’s the tiniest detail that actually gets noticed and it’s all due to Cynthia’s ingenuity. You can almost always find Cynthia in something pink. An avid reader, entertainer and a passionate basketball fan, you can expect Cynthia to add a heightened level of excitement and drama to every project.